Corporation License # CQ1033824  Broker License #BK703794

Strategic Land & Property Sales offers a full spectrum of real estate development and brokerage services.


Strategic Land and Property Sales LLC represents the emergence of innovative real estate specialists who help a new breed of clients evaluate, re-position, analyze, acquire, develop or sell land and income producing properties that are in the path of development. SL-PS offers its clients a full spectrum of real estate expertise and services, thus distinguishing itself from all others.  Check out some of our other companies that can help you reach your goals


SL-PS offers a variety of specialized services to help our clients succeed.

• Aerials
• Drainage/FEMA Maps (FIRM and DFIRM)
• Development of Regional Impacts
• Demographic and Economic data
• Soils
• Future Land Use/Zoning
• Wetlands/Listed Species
• Customized Specialty Packages